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Shores of Sirius by ArthurBlue

Excellent image! The details to the textures of the sand, the way the wet areas and reflections gives realism to the image. Extending t...

A Close Shave by OrphanedSoul

This image creates a very well done action shot! The expressions (his surprise and her almost overconfident look) are spot on. I like t...

You do a nice job of covering details with your approach of using notes and what appears to be hand written comments to point out detai...

Kinky Poser Art Postwork Tutorial Part 1 by Rossum
by Rossum

Here's my critique of your tutorial. I think this is a great start to your series as you outlined for three parts. You told the reader ...


Robert952 Returns V1 by robert952
Robert952 Returns V1
Considering how rusty my skills have gotten, not a bad re-entry into the art world.  DAZ 4.7 Pro and 3Delight render.  I used only what comes with the 'Essentials' supplied with Studio. pretty standard 3-light setup (Maybe a bit strong and too much from behind camera on the Main.)  Even the 'rock' is the 'pedestal' in there.  

Special credit to Mercurycode (  BG texture from a section of 05 Negatives Vol 4.  Obviously, heavily blurred for effect, but giving credit where it's due.  I think the colors and effect worked well.  

Copyright robert952_nc, 2015, All rights reserved.  Do not use without written permission.  
Enjoy, discuss and comment about.  Please, do not claim as your work, repost or redistribute without my permission.  Thanks.  
Robert952 Returns V5 80 pct by robert952
Robert952 Returns V5 80 pct
As promised.... and finally... a post.  First one for a couple of years.  I'll post a clean (i.e. without text) next.  Very little post... a couple of bright spots cleaned up (missed the big one on the knee... DOH!); obviously the text was added in post.  Look for the larger, clean version, too. 
Shores of Sirius by ArthurBlue
Excellent image! The details to the textures of the sand, the way the wet areas and reflections gives realism to the image. Extending the details in the textures into the water and the structures helps give a sense of scale. You add to the depth and scale with the use of the birds, jets, clouds and planets.

While the composition has depth, for me there's a bit of an issue with the balance. The woman doesn't 'counterbalance' the building; her 'weight' and volume seem out of place. While I know it may ruin the concept of the image, if she were closer to the camera her 'mass' would offset the implied size of the 'ringed' structure in the background. I know I am getting into personal tastes and the image's concept. But on one respect, if she were very close to the camera, we could get the feeling of seeing the scene as she sees it and not as a 'spy' (voyeur seems to strong a word).

As usual, your images provide us with fuel for our imaginations to create stories and mood. I appreciate the work you put into images and the way they can evoke these ideas and images.
A Close Shave by OrphanedSoul
This image creates a very well done action shot! The expressions (his surprise and her almost overconfident look) are spot on. I like the diagonal lines formed by the arms and sword blades that would usually be confusing to the eye, but here work well to tell the story.

My suggestion would be around the overall the composition. IMO there's some wasted space top and bottom that doesn't add to the story line here. I'd cut the bottom section off; roughly a horizontal line that cuts across the bottom of the curve on the dark hose/wire below the man's head. Then taking that 'new distance' from man's' head to edge, go up from the woman's head the same distance. That horizontal line would cut the C2 on the wall in the background about in half. I think that tightens up the image and puts more emphasis on the characters and the action.

I am torn with making the DOF shallower which would put the 'motorcycle' out of focus. Doing so might separate the characters from the BG a bit more (the man's machete and her knee blends in a bit much for my taste). However, that might destroy the background too much and not show the Asian theme as clearly. Tough call on that aspect. But, again, I think such a tweak might put more emphasis on the characters by bringing them out of the BG more.

By the way, I like the fact the characters are in left third of the image, adds drama over having them centered. I wouldn't tweak that part of the composition; that aspect works well.

Again, great image. Nice action, dramatic poses. The use of red helps provide focal points for the eye.

Hope you found this information useful.
Well, I am not much to submit regular comments.  But a word or two seems appropriate to my 'watchers'.

I have been a quite inactive in creating artwork (some photos and such).  Main reason is that my main computer at home has  been limping by (barely).  Hard to even do simple photo editing. 

OK - to be fair - it is an ancient (by PC terms) P4/486 processor; probably 7-8 years old.  I've maxed the memory, updated the drives and video cards, etc.  In reality, it has outlived most computers

I do some art work on 'my' (employer owned) laptop.  But I do not have all the tools I would want there.  (After all, I don't own it.  It is subject to company policies as to content and such.)  I have some interesting 'texture' images I will likely post in near future after a bit of tweaking. 

Hopefully in next few months I will get a new computer and get back to doing 3D and heavier photo manips. 

Thanks to my watchers for their patience.



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