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Well, I am not much to submit regular comments.  But a word or two seems appropriate to my 'watchers'.

I have been a quite inactive in creating artwork (some photos and such).  Main reason is that my main computer at home has  been limping by (barely).  Hard to even do simple photo editing. 

OK - to be fair - it is an ancient (by PC terms) P4/486 processor; probably 7-8 years old.  I've maxed the memory, updated the drives and video cards, etc.  In reality, it has outlived most computers

I do some art work on 'my' (employer owned) laptop.  But I do not have all the tools I would want there.  (After all, I don't own it.  It is subject to company policies as to content and such.)  I have some interesting 'texture' images I will likely post in near future after a bit of tweaking. 

Hopefully in next few months I will get a new computer and get back to doing 3D and heavier photo manips. 

Thanks to my watchers for their patience.